Our mission is to provide Banks and FinTechs with consulting services in the digital banking fields.

Our value proposition evolves around studies which will help our customers pick the right partner for the onboarding process, fraud detection, data analytics, cross-border remittances and payment card processing. We also accompany our customers to implement these tools via dedicated program management.

Our main focus is in Africa and the MENA regions which are developing fast in this field and where governments are becoming very supportive through various rules and regulations.

Our services

  • Onboarding and KYC

    As your product should allow customers to onboard comfortably and from anywhere they are, smooz may help your product team to design the onboarding funnel in an effective way and also advise them on the right tool to implement for your KYC requirements.

  • Fraud check

    Fraud may occur whether during the sign-up phase or later on during the sign-in or transactions making phase. smooz will help your product team to assess the potential fraud threats in the design of your solution and help them also to implement the tool to minimize these threats.

  • Data analytics

    Data is he most valuable asset for your organization. It will help you understand the behavior of your customers and, by processing them via ML, assess their potential needs.

    smooz is connected with the best talents in data design and analytics in the region which will allow us cater to your data processing needs.

  • Cross-border remittances

    Cross-border remittance features are a sustainable source of revenue in any e-wallet App.

    At smooz, we may help you design it and incorporate it in your product through a choice of well-established remittance companies in the region.

  • Payment card processing

    A card is still an essential and convenient tool of payment.

    At smooz, we may help you incorporate card features in your product whether it is physical or digital and we may also guide you to integrate it in wallets such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.